Digital Marketing Cluj

Digital Marketing Cluj

This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about the booming Digital Marketing sector. The group is dedicated to all the aspects of Digital/ Online Marketing and it’s open to anyone.
Let’s share ideas and learn how to use digital channels to promote or market your products and services to consumers and businesses.
Come and meet like-minded peers while learning tips and tricks!

Graphics Alliance Cluj

graphics alliance meetup banner

Are you a Photoshop master or maybe you’re making tricks in Maya, Toon Boom or other animation software? You like making sketches, cartoons or maybe immortalizing moments? From 3 pictures you can create a concept or you like playing with lines and shapes? Here’s a community you would want to join.
This group is for anyone interested in, willing to find out and develop in the creative domain. Being it advertising people with skills in Photoshop, Graphic Arts or Graphic Design or people who work or are passionate about animation, sketching, cartoons or other creative arts, this group represents the perfect way to meet people who are in the same environment like you.
Come and interact with people from whom you can learn tips & tricks. This group is open for everyone.

Freelancers Community Cluj

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We understand how important the context is for you to interact with like-minded, self-motivated people, to socialize and to learn from one another. Freelancing is not about working how much or how little you want but it’s rather a lifestyle and we simply set a stage for you to share your valuable input.

Stay tuned and be sure that other people’s ideas will inspire and motivate you, and every now and then, give you an idea to steal outright.

As a member, you have free access and discounts to the events we organize and host. Check out the calendar for the upcoming events.