At Cluj HUB, we help incubate and grow bold new ideas into sustainable enterprises and social impact projects. Currently, we work with several organisations to deliver business incubation experiences to you.

Startup Transilvania Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

For the incubation plans please visit, a platform for information, education, collaboration and networking aimed at developing and financing new generations of entrepreneurial projects in the region of Transylvania. This project is a “one stop shop” which aims to inspire young people to believe in their own ideas, to cultivate their innovation and to start their own business in the region.

  • Incubation
  • Specialised services
  • Assistance services

• Physical incubation – space rental with working infrastructure provided (wireless internet access, office tools, video projectors, flipcharts, copy station, stationery items, etc.)

• Virtual incubation – access to conferences room, assistance services and business consultancy

• Start-up and spin-off incubation

• Consultancy in developing entrepreneurial skills and lifelong learning.

• Assistance services in tech and inovation business

• Consultancy in business model, marketing and management plans, financial analysis and business analytics services.

• Informational, evaluation and auditing information

• Research and development services

• Consultancy services in developing minimal value products and prototypes

• Consultancy in copyright and intelectual property

• Legal advice on national, european an international domain.

• Fundraising through national and international european and governmental programs

• Identifying research and development partners

• Specialised database access

• National, regional and local information


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