The idea

ClujHUB came to life out of the ambition of a young entrepreneur named Cristian Dascălu and the desire of a handful of people to build one of the most innovative and complete coworking spaces in Transylvania.

After attending the international TEDx conferences, Cristi imagined a space where people from different areas ranging from exact sciences to arts and philosophy co-work to achieve something beneficial for the community. Excited by the possibility, Cristi decided to form it in Cluj – Napoca, a community that would assure the logistics of such activities and have a real impact in modeling the society.

The coworking concept is widely described here, on short it is a working method that brings together innovative and creative people in an ergonomic space with events connected to their areas of interest.

During 3 years of TEDxCluj, Cristian observed and studied the entrepreneurial and freelancing market of Cluj and felt that there was a need for people of Cluj to know each other and be aware of the potential that their combined knowledge could achieve and the impact it will surely have on the city and the community as a whole. Knowing about the concept of coworking and having experience in the entrepreneurial environment he decided that this was the right timing for a network where people could join freely and work together towards the future of Cluj in terms of creative and innovative events.

The beginning

The story began to take life in the spring of 2011, specifically in June when we found the perfect location for the coworking space: Pitesti no 19.

The next step was to find people that would believe in the story of ClujHUB. Here is where an old friend, Valentin introduced Razvan (aka Wonderboy). Razvan saw the idealism and pathos in Cristi’s ideas and although he was skeptic about it, he began to believe in ClujHUB.

Summer came along and the location needed a new face, during this time Cristi persuades Alexandra (aka Lady Guna) to join the team. She begins to believe in the idea and starts getting involved in the newly formed team.

Sensing that the ClujHUB brand needed help, Razvan sought the help of Dan (aka the One) with whom he had worked on Branding and Marketing projects in the past. Dan together with Cristi & Alexandra began the think-tank on ideology, image, and branding.

We found our spot in the famous Brainstorming room and we started drawing the contour of ClujHUB on a flipchart. We thought that we could do everything in one single setting but the vast ideas and thought filled several planners that slowly but surely began to stream in one direction. Once the ideology and the services provided were in place the only thing that remained was the logo and slogan. Our creativity was put to the test.

The now

It took almost 2 years for the whole process of building the brand, space, segmentation, filtering the capacities and services that ClujHUB could offer. After a lot of work and creativity, we managed to create a space a brand and bring together a group of people that encompass all the feelings and emotions that are out values here at ClujHUB.

Do you want to be part of the community, too?

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