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Our Story

ClujHub came to life out of the ambition of a young entrepreneur named Cristian Dascălu and the desire of a handful of people to build one of the most innovative and complete coworking spaces in Transylvania.

After attending the international TEDx conferences, Cristi imagined a space where people from different areas ranging from exact sciences to arts and philosophy co-work to achieve something beneficial for the community. Excited by the possibility, Cristi decided to form it in Cluj-Napoca, a community that would assure the logistics of such activities and have a real impact in modeling the society.

The story began to take life in the spring of 2011, specifically in June when we found the perfect location for the coworking space: Pitesti no 19.

It took almost 2 years for the whole process of building the brand, space, segmentation, filtering the capacities and services that ClujHub could offer. After a lot of work and creativity, we managed to create a space a brand and bring together a group of people that encompass all the feelings and emotions that are out values here at ClujHub.

After 5 years, in 2017, we felt that it’s time to move on. To move on to a bigger, better, more central location! We are excited to introduce you the hottest coworking space in town, ClujHub Central, a professional, high-quality, creative and collaborative working environment that optimizes workflow and maximizes productivity.

ClujHub Central means 2,000 square meters of workspace build with the needs of the creatives just like you in mind. It comes completely fitted with: closed office spaces for teams; open-floor coworking space; meeting rooms; event rooms that can host from 30 up to 250 people; urban garden; mindfulness area; coffee lounge; library.

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