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Our Communities

ClujHub is more than a space, it’s a community designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers in the hopes of improving the free exchange of creative and innovative ideas.

Because we believe in the power of togetherness we host various creative and tech communities.

Cluj WEB Developers is a community driven meetup that is focused on front-end development. Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out, this will be a great meetup for you.

Web Developers Meetup

The group is dedicated to all the aspects of Digital/Online Marketing and it’s open to anyone interested in learning more about this booming domain.

Digital Marketing Meetup

The group promotes and supports the development of local hardware & smart products. Product and industrial design topics will be approached next to the involvement of designers and product developers.

Embedded & IoT Meetup

A community-driven group for .NET developers to learn about features of the .NET framework and also to learn about ways that others are using the .NET technology, either for business or personal projects.

.NET Meetup

This is a group for anyone currently working or interested in Game Development. We primarily discuss current games and technology, market trends and issues facing the industry.

Game Lab Meetup

This is a meetup group for people involved in Mobile Software development. We will meet in a relaxed atmosphere and share experiences, ideas and our vision of the future.

Mobile Developers Meetup

We understand how important the context is for you to interact with like-minded, self-motivated people, to socialize and to learn from one another. Freelancing is not about working how much or how little you want but it’s rather a lifestyle and we simply set a stage for you to share your valuable input.

Freelance Community Meetup

Being it advertising people with skills in Photoshop, Graphic Arts or Graphic Design or people who work or are passionate about animation, sketching, cartoons or other creative arts, this group represents the perfect way to meet people who are in the same environment like you.

Graphics Alliance Meetup

We talk about damages and how we can protect against them. Let’s share some experiences of previous incidents, how we found out, how they were exploited, and what we did to fix them. Join this group and attend our meetups to advance your knowledge of security practices and meet professionals in this field.

Security Meetup

This community space is for DevOps practitioners to share their stories, practices and tips. All skill levels are welcome!

DevOps Community Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in space, astrophysics, astronomy, space exploration, NASA Space Apps Challenge, etc.

Space Club Meetup

Analiza de business ca definiţie este disciplina care presupune identificarea nevoilor de business şi determinarea soluţiilor la problemele identificate.

Business Analysts Meetup

A community for UI/UX Designers, a place for the people who believe that a well designed product can bring a tremendous value to its users can meet, can share ideas or ask for others’ opinions.

UX/UI Meetup

Founders’ Club is a platform for Cluj-Napoca’s entrepreneurs for networking, knowledge sharing and matchmaking. You will have an opportunity to attend series of events and projects by Startup Transilvania.

Founders Club

This is the community of product enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, product owners and innovators in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania. Through it we want to grow and nurture the product management community!

Product Tank

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in 200 cities and 85 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, & investors.

Startup Grind