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The Big Reset: From a Crisis Mode To Entrepreneurial Mindset

May 11 @ 5:30 pm May 14 @ 5:30 pm

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity,” John F. Kennedy once said. We would like to explore the second option: could the current crisis be an opportunity for Bulgaria, and if so – of what kind?

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Why now is the time for the Big Reset?

Regardless of whether what we do and how we go through the next several months and the different secondary crises related to COVID-19, one is clear – things we’ve taken for granted will inevitably change. Some for good. And some for better. Some things may come back to the old normal, but there will also be a new normal that includes the new learnings, models, and mindsets we are currently adopting. Historically, crises have always boosted innovation in one way or another. This is what we want to put on the agenda now.

What to expect from the Big Reset Days?

For four days in four major tracks, entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, community builders, and policy-makers will discuss and explore opportunities in various digital forms webinars and roundtables, online keynotes and fireside chats, analytical articles, video interviews and case studies, side events hosted by partners, a virtual expo.

The Big Reset Days are a platform for discussion that aims to lay the foundation for concrete actions around the following topics:

How can we use the momentum and turn our popular outsourcing destination into the Top Innovation Hub in CEE?

What are the new business models that will change the game for startups, for corporations, social enterprises, and why not – for the public sector?

What is the future of work? What lesson did we learn from the remote mode in the last weeks about leadership, productivity, and the skills we need to develop as IT professionals?

We want to examine what could be sustainable business models of social enterprises, but also what is the state and challengers social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria face?

Different forms, but one common goal: Let’s make some lemonade together!

Who should attend?

– Ecosystem builders and trendsetters who want to co-create the future of Bulgaria
– Startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking for ideas to reinvent their companies
– IT professionals and product managers interested in finding solutions to the problems that slow down the development of the local tech industry
– Tech job seekers who want to connect with innovative employers
– HRs and recruiters who wish to join the discussion about the occurring and upcoming changes in talent development and employee engagement
– Corporate professionals looking to explore ways to innovate and adapt to the new reality
– Students deciding what to do next, what passion to pursue, and what skills to learn
– Everyone looking to make room for a positive change – in their life, work, or for our society as a whole

General Sponsor: Progress
Gold Sponsors: BICA Services, BULPROS

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