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ASP.NET Core 2.1: A hands-on Workshop from Migration Perspective with Daniel Costea

ASP.NET Core 2.1: A hands-on Workshop from Migration Perspective with Daniel Costea

Saturday, 19 January, 09 AM – 19 PM
Trainer: Daniel Costea, Apex Code.
Date: 19 January 2019
Duration: 8h
Upgrade yourself!
Indeed ASP.NET Core 2.1 is the future for Microsoft web technologies and not only for web! If you care about your career then you should consider the migration from .NET “classic” to .NET Core, because Microsoft moved the focus in .NET Core (take a look on performance optimization and new features for .NET Core!). Sooner or later you will have to make this step.
Do it now and apply to this event!
The attendees will get to know the fundamentals of an ASP.NET Core web application like middleware, controllers, models, views, routing, WebAPI, filters, helpers, repository, async/await, RESTful, SignalR, unit testing and more.
Target Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Prerequisites: C# Language, Visual Studio IDE
Microsoft focus is on .NET Core and eventually, all developers will “upgrade” from .NET “classic” to .NET Core.
You don’t have to wait because the sooner you get ready, the more time you have to master the new changes and become a valuable resource in your team.
The new controller takes now advantages from both MVC and WebAPI and the middleware architecture brings great flexibility along with incredible performance on a variety of platforms (Windows, Linux, and MacOS).
Real-time communications, machine learning and asynchronous programming complete the pieces for a modern application building ecosystem.
– From web.config to middleware (pipelining and Startup class)
– MVC and WebAPI under the same roof (routing and action results)
– Model Validation and Data Binding (request-response lifecycle)
– SignalR (real-time communication)
– Migration (configuration, built-in Dependency Injection, migrate DAL, migrate controllers and actions, performance)


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