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Online Marketing for Mobile Users

Online Marketing for Mobile Users

Saturday, March 10 at 10 AM – 7 PM

The “Online Marketing for Mobile Users” course offers an overview of the mobile landscape both in Romania and worldwide, so that you can understand and target the smartphone users.

Guided by Auraș Geambașu, Co-founder & Marketing Manager of Mobile Academy Romania, you will learn valuable insights on how to target mobile users and you will work on custom mini online marketing campaigns designed only for smartphones users.

You will learn how Google Adwords works and how you can create targeted search & display campaigns for mobile users, you will find new ways to engage with Facebook & Instagram users, while exercising with the most useful features in Facebook Insights & Ads Manager.

Useful for:
• Account Executives/Managers, Social Media Managers
• Online Marketing and/or Digital Managers
Marketing and/or Sales Managers

What you will learn:
• How to better target your mobile visitors and/or future customers
• How to create online marketing campaigns for mobile users

More about the trainer:
Auraș has a varied experience in online marketing both in-house and in digital agencies. As more and more of the marketing efforts are moving to mobile devices, he thinks that a better collaboration between mobile devs and marketing people is crucial.

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