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Digital and Startups Ecosystem of Cluj

The entrepreneurial community of Cluj-Napoca has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The tech community has been at the heart of this transformation. Growing from just a few actors to hundreds. Growing from outsourcing to building products with global reach. We’ve become hungrier and braver to start on the path of entrepreneurship. And the city has become one of the centers of entrepreneurial success and innovation.

To celebrate the success of local startups, we created Startup Hub. A project designed to bring under one platform, the high-tech community of the City. Startup Hub aims to be a one-stop-shop with direct access to all high-tech startups in the region.  

Together with our partners, we are developing initiatives that will highlight the ecosystem’s response to the current crisis. Startup Hub also aims to develop an inclusive forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges the tech ecosystem faces.

Our awesome partners

Ongoing projects

Startup ecosytem overview

Highlighting the high-tech community in the region by aggregating tech startups into a single platform.

Ecosystem response

Startup ecosystem response to COVID-19 (Aug. 2020)

Startup Ecosystem Overview

We took a look at a part of the startups in Cluj-Napoca and we are excited to present the first 100 that caught our eye. 😉 This list is not exhaustive, we are still on the lookout for innovative business ideas and projects to bring forward. The 100 startups presented are not ranked. They are part of our initiative to fully map the local tech startups, from new to established, small to large. Your startup is not on the list?

Use the form below to apply and get listed.

Ecosystem response to COVID-19

The goal of StartupHub is to help the local startup community, using the resources we have available. Before we can put our resources to good use, we first need to know what are the needs of the community.

Aka YOUR needs.

This questionnaire will help us understand how you are weathering the COVID-19 storm – where it has impacted you and what steps you are taking to fight off negative impacts.

We’ll also share the results so that other startups can learn about best practices and success stories of their peers.

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